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You will be able to utilize this site to inquire on the status of a permit for parcels or projects within the City of Madison.

Please note: Only registered users will be able to submit permit applications through this site.

FOR RESIDENTS : If you are wanting to do a general permit search on a property or project, you may do so by entering the address below in the "Service Address" box in the Public Information Search area. You will not need to create an account for general inquiries. For newer projects that have not been assigned a property address, please call our office for assistance. **If you would like to request a permit, please click on "Request a Permit" and follow the prompts. You will need your property's PPIN number when asked for Parcel Number. This number can be found by clicking here to perform a search through the Madison County Tax Assessor's website.**

FOR CONTRACTORS: To submit permit applications online, you must first activate your account. You will need to know your business license number and start of business date when setting up your account. If you do not know or need help obtaining this information, please contact permitting staff  @256-772-5644 or via email to .

Contractor Access

To set up a new account please contact the City of Madison Building Department at 256-772-5644.


Activate Account - Contractors who are already registered with the city may activate their account online.

Forgot Username - If you have already activated your account but have forgotten your username, simply click here to retrieve it.

Forgot Password - If you have already activated your account but have forgotten your password, simply click here to reset it.

We're here to help: Monday-Friday 7am - 4pm! Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at 256-772-5644 or via email at:

Resident Access

Please follow instructions above in the section labeled "For Residents." Please note you will need your PPIN number when asked for Parcel Number.


Public Information Search

To search for a permit with Madison City limits, please use one of the searchable fields below.